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Lilian Lam

Lilian graduated with Distinction from MacEwan University’s Design and Illustration program in 2013. During her studies she earned a national level academic scholarship along with several other provincial scholarships. Being a part of the Edmonton advertising and design community for over five years has given her the opportunity to enhance her abilities with time management, idea generation, team collaboration and execution of creative concepts. Her knowledge allows her to move fluidly between print and digital media based on the communication purpose and marketing strategy—this is done with the client’s vision, goals and best interests in mind.

With experience working on brand campaigns, Lilian has been recognized with several awards ranging from local to international levels. The Advertising Club of Edmonton has recognized her with an ACE Award of Distinction in the Brochure/Print Collateral category for the creative work done for ATB Financial’s Diversity and Inclusion CampaignThe same campaign has also been recognized internationally, winning the prestigious 2017 IABC Gold Quill Award of Merit (San Francisco, CA) and the 2016 PR News Award (Washington, DC.).

Lilian has a passion for visual communication with a focus on branding, illustration and advertising. Her creative career started as a fresh grad with a full time graphic design position at ATB Financial with their in-house creative agency for almost four years. Coming out of ATB, she has worked for Curio Studio (a graphic design, branding and illustration studio) on a contract basis, as well as other businesses and companies. Recent freelance projects also include working on ATB Financial projects for illustration, infographics and social media images.

I carry the belief that through being a mindful content creator, I have the ability to positively impact modern day society, whether it’s in a small or big way. I identify my purpose as a designer with this statement: To create meaningful work—for myself and for others. This translates to creative fulfillment for me.

In my spare time, I pursue another passion of competing as an amateur Muay Thai fighter. I see this as a journey of goals, challenges, dedication, perseverance, loyalty and respect. This highly competitive combat sport provides me with a platform to confront existing fears and push my mental and physical limits. Mental toughness is a cornerstone of this martial art, and this conditioned mindset has branched out into my everyday life and professional practice—ultimately shaping a unique lens for my design-thinking.

This thinking resonates along the lines of: Fear of failure keeps you in the sea of sameness. In order to be remarkable, you can’t be a slave to the ordinary. I face the fear of failure. In life and in business, we’re always presented with opportunities to either fit the mold or break it. I believe in pushing limits. It’s through mistakes that you can actually grow. You have to get bad in order to get good (Paula Scher). Lastly, I trust in the process.


IABC Gold Quill Award of Merit
International award (San Francisco, CA)
April 2017
ATB’s Diversity and Inclusion Campaign

ACE Award of Distinction – Brochure/Print Collateral
Local award (Edmonton, AB)
March 2017
ATB’s Diversity and Inclusion Campaign

ACE Award of Distinction – Advertising Campaign
Local award (Edmonton, AB)
March 2017
ATB’s Resonate Campaign

PR News Award
International award (Washington, DC)
December 2016
ATB’s Diversity and Inclusion Campaign


Digital Graphic Designer 
Alberta Motor Assocation (Edmonton, AB)
Feb 2017 – Present

Graphic Designer (1 month contract)
Curio Studio (Edmonton, AB)
May 2017

Jr. Graphic Designer
ATB Financial 
(Edmonton, AB)
Aug 2013 – Mar 2017

Design Internship
Artsmith Communications (Edmonton, AB)
August 2013



Sponsorship Co-Chair
Graphic Designers of Canada
Aug 2017 – Feb 2019
Maintain on-going sponsorships, as well as develop and provide awareness for new sponsorships.


Costco Wholesale Student Scholarship
National scholarship
(Ottawa, CA)
June 2012 & 2013 
Awarded to a few selected employees/students across the country based on an academic performance of above 3.7 GPA, two recommendation letters, and a written essay (highlighting ambition, goals and vision).

Jason Lang Scholarship
Provincial scholarship
(Alberta, CA)
May 2011, 2012 & 2013 
Maintained a minimum academic performance of above 3.2 GPA for 3 consecutive years.


Muay Thai 

Muay Thai Canada National Championships
National bronze medal
(Toronto, CA)
November 2016
Muay Thai Canada is Canada’s Official National Federation for Amateur Muay Thai as recognized by the International Federation of Muay Thai Amateur (“IFMA”).

IKF World Classic Muay Thai/Kickboxing Tournament
International bronze medal
(Orlando, FL)
August 2016
The IKF tournament is an amateur fight competition for athletes to compete at an international level.

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