ATB Adventurer’s League

Art Direction, Illustration

ATB Adventurer’s League

Every six months, ATB Financial – Reputation and Brand, will hold a meeting to cover discussions and presentations regarding innovation in banking and organizational changes. Over 100 employees attend each of these meetings. ATB Adventurer’s League was created—this was used as a team building experience, while fitting under the overarching meeting topic about creating disruption.

The activity required a number of design pieces that held a unified look: custom character cards, player sheets, powerpoint slides, table numbers, and a seating chart. All character and decorative illustrations are original and hand drawn.

Presentation Hosts: Dale Carter, Neil Graham
Event Management: Kelsi Badry

Illustration, Art Direction

Dwarf Warrior
Elf Wizard
Halfling Rogue
Human Cleric
Player sheet and Seating Chart
Table numbers
Lilian Lam Designs

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